What Our Customers Say

With our existing customers we have built a strong relationship that is based on being there when they need us and doing that little bit extra to make them look good or sound good with their clients.

Some would call it over servicing but that’s the way we want to be always. In the end we are a service provider and we treat our clients as our valued friends.


I have been working with FortySix Research Data Services since they opened their doors in 2010. The quality of the interviewers, supervision and data ensures that the integrity of the data is excellent. Whereas with some agencies where qualitative data can be lacking grammatically, FortySix is at the top of their game in this aspect reducing the amount of time we have to absorb correcting qualitative errors.

The timeliness of delivery and meeting deadlines has always been good and they are very proactive in providing advance notice if they perceive there may be an issue. Pricing is competitive and consistent giving us with peace of mind that we will be competitive in any tenders we submit.